Why Connor Cleland Photography?

Photography is one of the most widely growing and adaptive art forms around today. Everyone from major fortune 500 companies to individuals looking to capture the beauty of a particular moment with their loved ones struggle to find the right fit for their particular interest. People search for hours through every photography site they can find, only to come across small hints at what they’re looking for, photographers that focus on a specialty or a theme: wedding, portrait, or landscape, but no words of significant value that relate to you as a person. My stance is not to focus on one theme or idea for a picture, but to capture natural moments or images that reflect a beautiful nature. However, let me elaborate on this with a story about a trip I took . . .

A Quick Trip Photography Story 

So a couple years ago, I took a trip to Boston, and I did this for a couple reasons. One, I found out I had connections to get a free flight and a discount on a hotel so; I decided I wanted to go out and see something new in my life.  Second, I was also thinking about post-undergraduate studies and wanted to check a few schools on that side of the country: Massachusetts College of Art and Design and Rhode Island Institute of Design, to be specific. The idea of travelling and seeing these institutions inspired me to create something new, to display this type of energy that I was feeling, that also encompassed this new experience.

While in Boston, it happens to turn out that I was there during the Boston Pride Event, and the city was extremely busy with people and performance artists. Everything and everyone was in a constant flux of motion, combined with the big city atmosphere, the tall buildings and mixture of old and new architecture, I was inspired to capture this special instance of the city that I saw and experienced with excitement.

Boston Performance Boston Sky Boston Skyline

In Rhode Island, I finally saw something that I planned on visiting for my trip, and even without the spontaneity and rush of thousands of street goers and artists, I was still taken aback by the quiet and simple nature of the Museum of Art. To be honest, I ended up enjoying the structure and setup of the museum itself, more than the artworks displayed.  The style went from went from a minimalistic modern tone, to classic in almost every other room and walkway, which of course inspired a new set of pictures.

RISD Art Museum Front RISD Art Museum

The Takeaway 

I suppose what I’m trying to point out is that photography does not have to focus on one theme or idea to produce a great piece, it’s the culmination of a thousand different factors, capturing a single moment. My photography captures the beauty in even the most mundane of objects or events that happen every day; a chair, a staircase, a building, a crowd of people, are all part of a story, the art form is putting the story into the single picture.

Then I flew home.

Flight Home