Exhibition at the Dairy Center for the Arts

It’s always fun to be acknowledged for your work, especially by a community of fellow artists. So I finally entered a call for entry on CallForEntry.org for the “Taste of Art exhibit”. They wanted any photo or series of photos relating to food, and I already had just the right portfolio of pictures that would go with the theme.

Revitalizing Old Pieces

The past year I had been working on and, eventually finished, my MarciaMade photo portfolio. I immediately knew, from looking at the criteria, that a bunch of these photos would count, but this isn’t the only reason I decided to use these pictures. From the very start of this portfolio, I knew the theme would be more than just good food, it’s about familial unity, specifically the role my grandmother played in creating an entire family, and the beautiful meals she makes that connects us, through our unique heritage and experiences. I knew that this was a perfect theme to go along with food, because it’s the only thing that connects everyone in the world, from pizza to brioche, we can all relate to grandma’s best dishes, that we cherish throughout our lives.

Apple Crisp #1Chris Portrait Chris & Caden (Creme Brulee)

The Showcase 

They ended up choosing to display my photo “Eggs a la Goldenrod”, the photo I took of the meal I made with my Uncle Cory and Cousin Charlie.  I was glad they chose that one because I think it is visually stimulating with the way the primary colors work together.  The dish, Eggs a la Goldenrod was simple, just a white roux, crumbled egg yolk, and paprika on some toast. The picture was more than just the simple ingredients. It was a meal my grandma would always whip up for my uncle, and that he would make for Charlie when he was a kid. I think what they liked most was the feeling of connectivity food can have on people, and how you can see that in this piece.

Cory (Eggs A La Goldenrod)