Below are some examples of my work in Graphic Design

Week #20

This week I decided to redesign the cover of my favorite book.  There are some components missing, like a bar code, summary, and even the spine of the book, but these are the basic front and back covers.

Shifting Emphasis

For this project I was asked to use one item from Bruce Mau’s Incomplete Manifesto for Growth to demonstrate how while using the same elements, one can shift the emphasis of a piece from being Space, Type, and Image dominant.  I chose #4 “Love your experiments (as you would an ugly child)” because I believe experimenting is the most crucial aspect of art.

Logo Style

Using a given object (a bow tie), and four different words, this project shows how the same object can transform and adapt to different situations.  I decided for the bow tie to take on four different personas concerning styles of type.

Green Dimension CD

This is a design for the first album of a Jazz band called Green Dimension.  I wanted to play off of the green idea in a light-hearted way, pulling in the saxophone playing President and the Pyramid character in a collage-like style.

Sake Bottle

This project is a re-design of the Gekkeikan Sake bottle.  I wanted to create a sleek design that could be used for any style of bottle.  I used the red circle to reference the Japanese flag to immediately reference the style of alcohol at a glance when customers are shopping.

The Living Museum

For this project I was to make a poster to advertise a hypothetical exhibition, The Living Museum, at a children’s museum.  The exhibit would consist of models of endangered animals, referencing the fact that soon that may be the only way to view them.  I wanted to capture the serious nature of the exhibit while still having the design appeal to children.

Living Museum Poster

Silky Kitten Coffee

This was for a project in one of my Design classes.  We were given two random words to use in our business’ name and told to create a logo, logotype, business card, letterhead and envelope which together represent the business’ identity. I chose to design the identity of a modern coffee shop which focuses on the atmosphere in the shop as much as the product itself.