Week #10

Moved in to my house this week, so I just walked around the house and shot what I thought was interesting.

Week #9

Some simple self-portraits this week.

Week #8

This week I came across a tiny spider circling and wrapping up its prey, and had to take the opportunity.

Week #7

Last week was dogs, this week is my cat Jewel. And also some more bubbles.

Week #6

This weekend I spent the weekend with some awesome dogs, Carlos and Ruby.  Took the opportunity to mix it up this week.

Week #5

More macro this week.  I am trying to see how far I can push abstraction and also using available light.  Later on I want to do some shoots with my own lighting to perfect these types of shots.

Week #4

Not much for this week, just messing around with 2 ideas I had for using my bellows macro lens, I’ll probably to larger series of both of these later on.


Week #3

A comparison of my DSLR (Canon EOS Rebel XT) and my phone (HTC One S).  The compositions are different, but the editing was basically the same, a Black and White Adjustment layer on top of the original image with the blending mode set to Overlay.  The photos were just a small experiment, but also slightly metaphorical because the bulb is one that would go is a Beseler 23C II, the enlarger that I have, showing that digital photography, of all kinds, are pushing out traditional photography.


Week #2

For Week #2 I am experimenting with some editing styles.  I don’t really like photographing portraits, so I’m hoping to begin to enjoy them more because of the post-production process.  These are not the most flattering self-portraits, they were actually test shots for something else I want to do, but they worked great as experiments.

Week #1

First week of my 52 Week project, I thought I’d go for something simple.  I always thought the sheets on a bed looked like a canyon, and so this is my first attempt at some Bedscapes.