52 Weeks Project

Week #20

This week I decided to redesign the cover of my favorite book.  There are some components missing, like a bar code, summary, and even the spine of the book, but these are the basic front and back covers.

Week #19

A couple pieces and extras from an assignment I did over the weekend.

Week #18

Some cell phone photographs for this week.

Week #17

A small series of Other Worlds.

Week #16

A free-form Hockney-style photograph I put together recently.

Week #15

This is a mock-up of a restaurant I think would be awesome for college campuses, everything is one the dollar menu!
It is still a work in progress.

Week #14

This week I made a sculpture out of a kneadable eraser and photographed it.

Week #13

Some of the extras from the shoots I did this week.

Week #12

A couple self-portraits this week.  Getting used to the studio again.

Week #11

These will be the last macro shots for awhile.